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What is a Public Adjuster and why are they needed?

Public Adjusters work for the property owner or manager. They are backed by years of professional claims experience and will represent your claim to the insurance company. Our professionalism and claim knowledge will ensure you receive the maximum amount from the insurance company so you can rebuild your property quickly.

Why should I hire a Public Adjuster when my insurance company has already assigned me an Adjuster?

Company Adjusters are looking out for the insurance company. When disaster strikes, you need us on your side, as your insurance company has their Adjusters working for them and their interests.

I’ve already received a settlement check from my insurance company and it was not enough, should I call an adjuster?

Absolutely! This is where we help the most people. Insurance companies underpay their customers everyday. As a policy holder, you have several years to reopen a claim. Call us today for a free consultation of your insurance claim.

How are Public Adjusters paid?

We receive a small percentage of what the insurance company pays you. We are not paid until you are. Your Public Adjuster will advise you of any and all offers from the insurance company and give you the final decision to accept or deny the offer.

Will my insurance company cancel my contract if I will hire a Public Adjuster?

No under any circumstances. If an Insurance Company were to cancel you because you hired a Public Adjuster, it would be a violation of the law in Florida. Access to Public Adjusters is a right given to you by the State Legislature.

Who commonly uses the services of SouthEast Public Adjusters?

Homeowners, business owners, attorneys, banks- anyone who has an insurance claim can benefit by using a public adjuster. Once an insured party has used our services, he or she will not consider settling a claim without the professional assistance of a public adjuster.

Which areas do you serve?

We proudly serve the entire state of Florida.

If I hire a Public Adjuster, and I have to pay a percentage of my recovery, won’t I be short money?

This is the biggest misconception. Since our recovery is minimally 100%-300% more than what the average policy holder can obtain on their own, it makes perfect sense to hire us – practically for free. We handle the claim properly and expeditiously, and get you more money, which more than makes up for our fee.

The damages occurred over a year ago, but I fixed it within the time frame given in my policy. Am I still eligible?

Yes, mitigating damages as soon as possible will help preserve your eligibility for compensation. Call us now for a free inspection and we will make sure you get the highest settlement for your damages.

My claim was denied, what do I do?

If your claim was denied, we will review your claim and advise on its validity.



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